Here at Studio One Tutorials we are dedicated to helping you unlock your potential as an artist. We focus on all aspects of production with an emphasis of current Hip Hop & Trap Music. Our methods focus on Presonus Studio One but many of our techniques can be used in any DAW. If you have been looking for help becoming the beatmaker you know you can be, you have come to the right site.

Our Lessons Include

Hibatchi for Lunch-Hybrid Trap Compostion-Hybrid Trap Arrangement-On The Regular (sampling tutorial)-Nas Album Done (sampling Hip Hop)-TM88 -How to get  the Kill Bill Siren FREE-Jeezy -Young MA-Migos Cocoon-Mike Will 2016-Pick up The Phone-808 Mafia Arrangement-Young Thug (playing notes out of scale)-Metro Boomin-Needed Me-Quality Street Music Intro-Mike Will Melody-No Shopping-Custom 808 Sound Design-21 Savage-Kodak Black/ Working with a refrence track-Dj Drama Wishing-1970’s Soul Sample-In Common Island RnB vibe and Arrangement-How to Use and Create Groove Templates-YG -Lord Knows (sampling tutorial)-The Loop Method (arrangement tutorial)-Chance the Rapper (sampling gospel)-Hollywood Arrangement (power pop arrangement applied to any genre)-Controlla (arrangement)-Lana Del Ray Flip |Mix and Master|Where to Find Samples-End Beat Block Forever-Cross Me-Groovy Tony-London on the Track Slime Season-Trap RnB-All The Way Up (no samples)-2 Phones (STOCK VST’s)-Jaquees -FML Tutorial-Say it

Free Beginner Series

Get up and running making your first PROFESSIONAL sounding beat in under an hour with our FREE beginner series on our youtube channel Craftmaster Productions!

Beginner Tutorials

Studio One Tutorials will have you up to date with the latest cutting edge production techniques no matter your skill level. Powered by the knowledgeable production company Craftmaster Productions you will receive real life studio relevant advice on how to make better beats.

Advanced Tutorials

As producers we know the importance of the intellectual grind and well as the physical grind.  The only way to stay on top is to keep progressing and learn new to methods to compete with the most talented individuals. We offer cutting edge content so that you wont just learn how someone made yesterday’s hit, but how you can make tomorrow’s!

Sound Design Tutorials

Along with knowing your DAW and being up to date with the latest production techniques, it is essential to your success to learn some basic sound design. Once again the guys at Studio One Tutorials have you covered!

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The Craftmaster

Brandon “CMP” Martinez is a producer/ composer who has been born and raised in Miami, Florida, a diverse city whose influences can be found throughout his music. Brandon is self-taught and well versed in Pro Tools, FL Studio, Studio One, and a host of other DAW’s. He is currently registered with BMI as a songwriter/ composer