Hip Hop Drum Machine Tutorial | Use Impact like FL Studio

Make a beat with Studio one and IMPACT!

Here is how to configure Presonus stock plugin IMPACT into working like FL Studio’s step sequencer!

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  1. Nice site, man. You should get active in the Reddit S1 sub. It will be a good place to pimp your vids, as I don’t know of anywhere outside of Presonus’s own forums that have much activity on their S1 forums.

    Lot of good info in this tutorial. I never thought to give each pad in Impact its own out/channel. That is a good idea. I much prefer tweaking levels through the mixer as opposed to using the controls in Impact

    But I don’t really get the advantage of using your method where you create a grid by doing the split at grid thing and then muting. The piano roll in S1 already IS a grid! lol Is it just cuz it adds really dark lines to separate the cells?

    I started in FL, so I get the appeal of trying to emulate that FL pattern feel, but honestly, the more I find different ways of doing things in S1, the less I find I miss the FL patterns.

    • I agree with you there isn’t any real advantage of using this method. its just a request I got. Alot of people cant leave FL studio because they feel like they NEED a step sequencer, this video is illustrating that mindset is easy to leave behind. Thanks for the support!

  2. Hello Craftmaster,

    You have great tutorials, you should be a college professor. What version of studioone do I have to had for my Plug ins. Also, can you do a tutorial on making a music beats sign.


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