Custom Mix and Production Templates!


Make a Beat with Studio One

Here Is an easy way to set up a custom mixing and production template that will knock alot of tedious work off your set up for every track. There aren’t alot of quality Studio One tutorials and I’m going to change that.

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  1. What happens with the bass (sub-bass)? I didn’t see it in the video. Do you include it on the same bus with the other percussion instruments (kick, snare, hi hat etc).

  2. Okay. Got it. It gets added to the instrumental track bus.

  3. The Bus of the MixBus points directly back to both the FilterByPass and the FilterBus. But before the MixBus was even created I’m trying to figure out how you initially created the FilterByPass. Initially, when the FilterByPass is created, is it set up an independent Aux with no Bus pointing to it?
    I’m a Logic Pro X user who is following your tutorials.


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